Cerberus - Canine Transmitter System

Digital Transmission of Video and Audio From a Working Dog

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  • Digital Canine Transmitter
  • Portable Diversity Receiver
  • Low Light IR Camera
  • Excellent Range
  • Simple to Operate
  • Single Peli Case Kit
  • Optional Encryption

The Cerberus system is a dedicated digital canine video system. The transmitter is mounted in an harness on the ridge of a dogs spine.

The system provides a video link from the canine to its handler, the encrypted link can operate in a non line of sight environment. The system range is excellent, typically 300-500m non line of sight. Handlers observe the video using the portable receiver supplied in the kit.

The Cerberus transmitter integrates COFDM digital video modulation and encryption technology. The modulation method ensures excellent transmission characteristics, even in the most demanding urban and RF cluttered environments. Additional Security is offered through optional AES128 encryption.

High sensitivity cameras, a microphone, modulated IR LEDs, white light LEDS, antenna and battery complete the package. This is all housed in an innovative, robust enclosure with the camera mounted within a sprung loaded arm. The simple action of releasing the arm activates the video transmitter. The arm spring also prevents the system from becoming damaged or snagged when the dog is travelling at speed through low apertures, or through foliage. 

Users can select one of eight channels for transmission. Initial channel programming is conducted via a PC application, provided with the system.

The system is powered from a single quick release battery. The entire system is extremely robust and field proven in the most demanding of missions. The product has been shock, vibration, altitude and fluid ingress tested to ensure reliable operation.

Camera Type 1/3" CMOS RX Screen 4.3" High Resolution


0.004 Lux


SD Card

Camera IR

940nm, 5-10m Range



RF Frequency

1.1 to 1.5 or 2 to 2.5GHz

TX Weight


RF Type

Diversity COFDM

RX Weight


RF Power


TX Dimension

260 x 178 x 85mm

Video Encoding   

MPEG2, MPEG4 Optional    

RX Dimension

150 x 100 x 37mm

Data Interface

RS232 Serial

TX Power

5 Hours

TX Channels


RX Power

2 Hours


Cerberus Transmitter

Digital Diversity Receiver

Transmitter and Receiver Batteries

Two Quick Release Receive Antennas

Control Cables

Video out Cable for Receiver

IP out Cable for Receiver

Pelicase with Manuals and Software