Guardian VIP - Security System

Private Network Camera Security System

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  • Fast and Simple Installation
  • Independent Self Contained System
  • Multiple Secure Video Feeds
  • Trigger Alarms
  • Key Fob Panic Alarm
  • Central Monitoring Point
  • System Fits into a Single Flight Case
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Cameras
  • Ceiling Camera Mounting Kit
  • Battery Powered
  • Video Player Software Application
  • System Diagnostics Support
  • Fully Supported Software Upgrades

The Guardian VIP is a system that can be quickly installed in situ to protect travelling VIPs.

Wireless video camera nodes are designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, disguised as items commonly found in hotels and apartments.

Camera nodes link back to the operator’s Base Station and  laptop, where all video feeds can be monitored on a video player software application.

At the core of the system is a digital Mesh radio network, which allows encoded video to be exchanged between the camera nodes in a fluid and self-healing method.

The system also records video and raises alarms in the event of motion or light level changes. Alarm alerts form part of the video player application, which is able to display video feeds from up to eight camera nodes.

The system also features a VIP panic button. Once the VIP presses the button it raises a high priority alarm with the operator.

There is also the facility to integrate the hotel’s in-house CCTV surveillance into the system.

All aspects can be run on battery power, with the operator’s Base Station supporting battery charging.

The entire system packs away into a single flight case.

A selection of different camera concealments are available on request.

Guardian VIP is available in a range of frequencies including:

  1.     •  UHF: 390MHz
  2.     •  LBand: 1 to 1.5GHz
  3.     •  SBand: 2 to 2.5GHz
Frequency Bands   UHF, L-Band, S-Band Concealment Types Varied

RF Power



Motion, Light level



Camera Type

2M Pixel HD



Sensitivity Indoor

0.1 Lux


100m non-line of sight  

Sensitivity Outdoor  

0.008 Lux

Panic Alarm RF 



RTSP stream H.264


ABS, AES128, AES256      

Battery Capacity

3200mAH, 6 hour use

Operator’s Laptop

Base Station Controller

CCTV Camera Nodes

PTZ Node(s)



VIP Panic Alarm

Power Supplies

Mounting Plates

Interconnecting Cables

Foam Lined Flight Case

System Manual