RTI - Thermal Imaging Camera

Robust Thermal Imaging Camera, Air Purged

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  • Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Outdoor Use
  • Rugged Build
  • PAL or NTSC Video Output
  • H.264 Video Output
  • Dry Air Purged
  • Lens Option
  • Pole Mounted
  • IP68 Rated

The RTI Camera is a Robust Thermal Imaging Camera environmentally sealed for use in harsh environments.

To ensure it retains its performance and clear optics across a wide range of changing environmental conditions it is a hermetically sealed and purged with dry air.

The thermal 640 x 480 resolution imager with a spectral range of 8 to 14um is translated into a PAL or NTSC composite video output.

The video is also made available as an H.264 IP encoded output stream.

A choice of a15mm or 35mm lens is offered so as to fit the required deployment.

The RTI Camera integrates a standard tripod mount into its base which directly interfaces with the supplied adjustable pole mount.

All connections are via a Fischer minimax connector mounted on the rear of the camera.

The outer casing is manufactured from aluminium. All external mating surfaces are gasket sealed to maintain its IP68 rating.

The camera, pole mount, power supply and cables are all supplied in a rugged foam lined Peli Case.

Resolution 640 x 480       Tripod Mount 1/4-20 UNC

Pixel Size


Supplied Mount   

Adjustable Pole

Spectral Range  

8 - 14um

Supplied Power

AC/DC Adaptor




Dry Air Purged

Video Output

PAL or NTSC   



IP Video Output  





15mm or 35mm  



RTI Thermal Camera

Adjustable Pole Mount

Power Supply

Interconnect Cables

Peli Case