StreetView - Digital Wireless CCTV System

Pan, Tilt & Zoom COFDM Wireless CCTV Video System

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  • Deployable COFDM Video System
  • Licence Exempt Frequency Bands
  • No Network Costs
  • Narrowband Transmission Setting
  • PTZ 36x Zoom Camera
  • Designed For Outdoor Use
  • Telemetry Channel
  • Encrypted Video Option
  • User Presets
  • Software Support

StreetView is a wireless video system designed for outdoor use. 

It is capable of working in licence exempt frequency bands with no network running costs, unlike 3G/4G systems.

It comprises of a rugged outdoor IP67 rated pan, tilt and 36x zoom camera with an integrated COFDM microwave video transmitter which supports spectrum efficient narrow band transmission. In addition, the system also includes a UHF telemetry link allowing remote PTZ camera control. 

The weather proof enclosure of the StreetView camera is suitable for long term outdoor deployment, making it ideal for surveillance, perimeter security, crime prevention and town centre monitoring. StreetView cameras are supplied with a bracket suitable for wall or pole mounting. The camera is powered from an AC mains supply. 

At the receive end is a COFDM video receiver, this is a stand alone IP66 rated rugged unit which receives video via two diversity antennas, its RF connectors allow the antennas to be detached during storage. 

The video receiver also includes the same UHF telemetry link as the PTZ camera, thereby allowing the control of the camera’s PTZ functions via a PC connection on the rear of the video receiver. 

Within the RF band are sixteen separate user specified receive channels that can be programmed. These are configured by a PC software application, which connects to both units via control cables. 

At the receiver end there is a serial data comms connector which is used to send telemetry data to the camera. The power input to the receiver is also integrated into the same interface cable. The video is output is on a standard BNC connector on the rear of the video receiver. 

Configuration of the telemetry radio is also supported via a separate comms connection on both units. 

RF Frequency 1-1.5GHz or 2-2.5GHz     Camera Pan Continuous



Camera Tilt

+10 to -90º


-115dBm to -120dBm

Camera Zoom



2.5, 6, 7, 8MHz   


0.008 Lux, Slow Shutter

Telemetry Freq   


Camera Power

240v AC

User Channels


Receiver Power

6 to 16v DC


AES128, AES256




Visca, PelcoD, PelcoP

Camera Weight


Comms Mode

RS232, RS485

Camera Dimensions   

ø127mm x 300mm

PTZ Camera with Video Transmitter & Telemetry 

COFDM Video Receiver 

COFDM Antennas x 3 

PTZ Telemetry Antenna 

Video Receiver Telemetry Antenna 

Receiver Power & Comms Cable 

Power Supply 

Camera COFDM Configuration Cable 

Camera Telemetry Configuration Cable 

Camera Control Cable 

Mounting Bracket 

In-Line Power Connector 

Supporting Documentation