SWZ SD - PTZ Camera

SD Pan & Tilt Camera with a Switched Zoom function

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  • Pan & Tilt Camera
  • Switched Zoom Funtion
  • Continuous Pan - Through a Slip Ring
  • Choice of Lens Payload
  • PAL & NTSC Versions
  • High Sensitivity
  • Visca & PelcoD Protocol Control
  • Small Size
  • Low Weight

The SWZ SD forms part of a line of highly integrated surveillance products developed by Visual Engineering.

Based around VE’s miniature camera technology, the SWZ SD provides a step zoom, pan and tilt camera in a 55mm diameter package. 

The pan and tilt carries four VE miniature cameras, each with a different focal length lens. Issuing a zoom command to the unit instructs it to flip the video output from camera to camera. As standard the four lens focal lengths are 4, 8, 16 and 35mm giving a very useable range of zoom angles.

Other than the obvious size advantage, using prime lenses over a varifocal or zoom lens provides a faster lens (hence better low light performance) as well as eliminating the small low torque drives often found in zoom lenses which have a tendency to vibrate on vehicle applications, causing picture degradation.

The unit is mounted in an environmentally sealed, CNC machined housing, with full integrated control over pan, tilt and zoom via standard VE controllers, or other available Sony Visca control sources. The unit will respond to Visca or PelcoD messages on either RS232 or RS485 serial interfaces. 

As standard, the SWZ is supplied with a 1/4-20 UNC tripod mount.

Sensor 4 x 1/3" CMOS Pan Range    Continuous


>550 TVL

Tilt Range



<0.008 Lux

Drive Train 

DC servo



Ext Power

6-18v DC, 2W

Focal Length    

4, 8, 16, 35mm        



Field of View

60º to 15º


55mm x 55mm x 70mm


f2 across range



Lens Type

S Mount M12


CNC machined Delrin


Switched Zoom PTZ Camera

Interface Cable

Mains Power Supply

USB Memory Stick Containing Support Software and Documentation

Foam Lined Case