TCS-II - Mesh Camera System

Microwave Mesh Enabled Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera

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  • Deployable Mesh Camera System
  • 24 Hour Battery
  • PTZ 36x Zoom Camera
  • Designed For Outdoor Use
  • 5KM Range
  • Encrypted Video Option
  • User Presets
  • Software Support

The TCS-II system is a rapid deployable Mesh camera system. Each TCS-II camera node incorporates a mesh radio, an Axis M7001 IP encoder and a 36x zoom dome camera into a rugged IP66 chassis. The TCS-II can be powered from high capacity 24 hour battery packs, or from AC mains.

TCS-II cameras are supplied with a bracket suitable for wall or pole mounting. The camera can be hung from the bracket and can be secured by a padlock.

The rugged weather proof enclosure of the TCS-II camera is suitable for long term outdoor deployment, making them ideal for surveillance, perimeter security, fire control and CBRN applications.

All TCS-II camera nodes within the system are combined in a fluid self forming, self healing mesh containing up to sixteen camera nodes. All nodes within the mesh exchange data on a single frequency. The TCS-II is supplied with an integral 1W amplifier, and will typically operate at a range in excess of 5km where line of sight is available or 600m to 1km where line of sight is not possible.

Control is achieved using a comprehensive web browser application, and the system can store up to eight different configurations for easy recall.

The highly flexible mesh topology means that data can be exchanged between nodes in a point-to-point, or multi-point fashion, range can be extended by using nodes as repeaters.

Security of the entire mesh network can be ensured by the use of the optional AES128, or AES256 encryption.

Camera Pan Continuous          Mesh Capacity Upto 8Mb/s

Camera Tilt

+10º to -90º



Camera Zoom   

36x Optical

Encoder Bitrate

6Mb/s to 9.6Mb/s


0.008 Lux, Slow Shutter   

Encoder Resolution  





24hr Capacity Li-ion

RF Frequency

1-1.5GHz or 2-2.5GHz   

DC Power

10-18V - 17W, High Power

RF Bandwidth

6 MHz


ø127mm x 300mm

RF Power 




RF Signal

Digital COFDM Mesh



TCS-II Camera Node

Two Camera Node Batteries

Camera Node Charger

10m Power Cable

10m Ethernet Cable

AC Power Supply

Two 1.25-1.65 GHz Antennas

Two Jubilee Clips

Hanger Plate

Supporting Documentation