V DMH - Ultra Rugged PTZ Camera

All Weather PTZ With Dual Optical & Thermal Cameras


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  • Fully Integrated Pan, Tilt & Zoom
  • IP67 Rated
  • 640x480 or 384x288 Thermal Imager
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • Vibration Resistant
  • Fine Positioning Resolution
  • Internal Heaters
  • Video Camera Wiper

The V DMH is a fully IP67 sealed weather proof pan, tilt and zoom camera with internal heating and a rain/dust wiper.

The whole camera is extremely rugged and is designed specifically for high vibration environments such as large robotic or military vehicles.

The V DMH has internal slip rings for continuous horizontal pan and supports 195° of tilt.

It is designed to carry a range of thermal imagers, the standard issue a 640x480 imager which is fitted with a 19mm lens, providing human body detection out to 450m.

The standard optical payload is the Sony FCB EV7520, 30x optical zoom block camera. This camera exceeds 520 TVL resolution and operates under several low light modes. The video outputs of both are available simultaneously.

Camera control is performed over a serial RS232/485 interface and various protocols are supported, giving the full range of pan, tilt and zoom functions, in addition to preset control over a wide range of camera parameters.

Integrated sensors allow the camera to monitor its pan and  tilt angle and therefore has the ability to self correct its actual position if external forces act upon it.

Optical Sensor 1/2.8" FBC-EV7520 Pan Range Continuous

Optical Resolution

2.4 MegaPixel

Tilt Range

130º up, 65º down

Sensitivity, Lux

<0.01 Lux   

Drive Train

Low noise stepper

Thermal Sensor

640x480 or 384x288 pixel  

Power Req

9 to 36v DC, 20W

Thermal Range




Thermal Sensitivity  

x2, x4, x8




Machined Aluminium




V DMH Optical/Thermal PTZ Camera

Interface Cables

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