BWM - Body Worn Mesh Radio

Body Worn Video and Audio Mesh Radio

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  • High Data Rate Mesh Radio
  • Excellent RF Performance
  • Integral Battery
  • IP Camera Input
  • Optional HD Head Camera
  • Belt Clip
  • Body Worn Package
  • AES Security
  • Optional Molle Mounts

The BWM is a bespoke body worn mesh radio. BWM radios can be combined in a fluid self forming, self healing mesh containing up to sixteen radios. The BWM radios within the mesh exchange data on a single frequency, simplifying spectrum management. The entire mesh occupies just 6MHz of bandwidth and offers 8.9Mb/s of capacity.

BWM radios are available in either 100mW or 1W power levels. The radios employ a COFDM modulation scheme and therefore offer excellent RF penetration and performance in the presence of multipath. The 1W radio can operate over typical ranges of 500m in non line of sight environments or 10km where line of sight is available.

The BWM incorporates a mesh radio, integral rechargeable battery and control display into a rugged IP67 chassis. The battery can be charged in the unit using an external power input.

A general purpose ethernet interface is provided for connection to wider networks. There is also an optional WiFi module that allows the connection of standard WiFi enabled devices to the mesh radio network.

The BWM is supplied with a belt clip and can be worn at waist or chest level, it has a single quick release connector for interfacing to an IP camera and an audio headset. An optional chest harness is also available for shoulder mounting.

A dedicated HD 1920x1080p30 helmet camera is available to make a complete video & audio comms body worn solution.

At a glance status is available through the LEDs on the top of the unit. The control interface is via a comprehensive web browser.

AES encryption is available to ensure security of transmissions.

RF Frequency 1-1.5GHz or 2-2.5GHz    Ethernet 10/100 BaseT


COFDM 360 Carrier


AES 128/256



Optional WiFi




Audio Headset

Headphone with PTT



Typical Duration  

3 Hours @ 1W

Range Line of Sight

10km @ 1W



Range Non Line of Sight  

500m @ 1W


217 x 122 x 30mm



Body Worn Mesh Radio

Belt Clip

Interface Cables

Supporting Documentation

Optional Mounts and Cameras Available