BWM - Body Worn Mesh

Body Worn Video and Audio Mesh Radio


  • Mesh Enabled Radio
  • Body Worn Solution
  • Excellent RF Performance
  • Integral Battery
  • Direct or Remote Battery Mounting
  • Supplied with PTT Microphone
  • Optional Audio Headset
  • IP Camera Input
  • User OLED Display
  • GPS Positioning
  • Optional AES Security
  • Waterproof and Rugged

The BWM is a Mesh enabled radio for video & audio, specifically designed as a body worn solution.

Mesh radios can be combined in a fluid self-forming, self-healing network containing up to sixteen radios. Radios within the Mesh exchange data on a single frequency, simplifying spectrum management.

The radios offer excellent RF penetration and performance in the presence of multipath. They can operate over typical ranges of 500m in an urban environment or 10KM where line of sight is available.

The BWM incorporates a Mesh radio, rechargeable battery, OLED display and control interface into a rugged waterproof chassis. GPS positioning, PTT microphone together with an optional audio headset and VE body worn cameras complete the solution.

The battery is detachable such that it can either be docked on to the base of the transmitter or split to be worn in two separate parts. Batteries can be recharged using the charger unit supplied in the kit.

A Fischer connector supports an Ethernet interface for direct configuration of the radio and connections to wider networks. Power and comms connections to an IP camera is supported via the second Fischer connector on the top of the unit.

The BWM also has an expansion port that supports the breakout of Ethernet, USB, Power and IIC signals.

Status is available via the OLED display, whilst comprehensive control of the Mesh radio is made available via a web browser.

AES encryption is available to ensure the security of transmissions.

Frequency Options L, S and C Bands Connectors Fischer


COFDM 360 Carrier


AES 128/256



User Control

OLED & Buttons


2.5 to 10MHz

Audio Interface

PTT, Optional Headset

Max Capacity


Total Weight

740 grams

Range Line of Sight




Range Non-Line of Sight



200 x 80 x 30mm

Body Worn Mesh Radio

Flexible Omni Antennas

Body Worn Antennas

GPS Antenna

Battery Charger

2 x Batteries

Belt Clip

Interface Cables

Supporting Documentation

Optional Cameras and Audio Headset Available