MFR-DB-PSR - Optical & Thermal

Wireless PTZ Optical & Thermal Camera


  • Wave Relay® Wireless Connectivity
  • MIMO Technology
  • Extremely High Bandwidth
  • Frequency Band Selectable
  • GPS Enabled
  • Optical Resolution 1080/30p
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • 8x Thermal Digital Zoom
  • Zoom Synchronisation
  • Radiometric Thermal Technology
  • Encrypted Transmission
  • IP67 Environmental Rating
  • Rugged Build

The MFR-DB-PSR incorporates both optical and thermal cameras in an environmentally sealed rugged PTZ unit.

Wireless connectivity is powered by the Wave Relay® mobile ad hoc network (MANET). Wave Relay® is the core focus of Persistent Systems and is unmatched by any other MANET. It can quickly adapt to fluctuations in terrain and environmental conditions, rapidly re-routing data and continuously working to maximise connectivity and performance.

Using MIMO technology, it is capable of delivering extremely high bandwidth and extended link distances, whilst Wave Relay's® unlimited hopping without any master nodes extends the network beyond the edge.

The integrated Sony HD camera provides a 30x optical zoom lens and a 63.7° wide angle of view.

The Flir Tau 2 thermal camera incorporates radiometric technology delivering high precision temperature monitoring. It supports an 8x digital zoom and spot metering to further optimise the exposure control for each particular scenario.

The video output can be user switched between either camera as required. The zoom is synchronised between the two cameras, up to the maximum FOV capability of the thermal camera. This allows convenient switching between the two camera views.

The pan and tilt axes have absolute position feedback, which allows the camera to self correct its actual position if external forces act upon it.

Speeds are zoom factor corrected, giving control over the entire range of the lens with pan speeds up to 100º per second.

The outer casing is machined from aluminium and includes tripod mounting holes in the base. External mating surfaces are gasket sealed to maintain the IP67 environmental rating.

Data Rate Up to 150Mbps Optical Zoom 30x


Wave Relay®

Thermal Zoom


3 x 3 MIMO

Extended Range




5, 10, 20MHz

Spot Metering



Cursor On Target

Pan Range




Tilt Range


Optical Resolution

1920 x 1080 Pixel



Thermal Resolution

640 x 512 Pixel

Full Dimensions

ø115 x 247mm

1 x MFR-DB-PSR PTZ Camera

1 x Power/Comms Cable Set

3 x RF Antennas

1 x GPS Antenna

1 x AC/DC Power Adaptor

1 x PeliCase