TM-RX - Mesh Receiver

Rugged Mesh Video Receiver


  • Digital Video Receiver
  • Wireless Mesh Network
  • High Resolution Display
  • Internal Recording
  • On Screen Diagnostics
  • Telemetry Control Path
  • GPS Positioning
  • Battery Powered
  • System Configurable
  • IP67 Rated
  • Scratch Resistant Glass
  • Rugged Build

The TM-RX Receiver is a fully portable Mesh enabled digital diversity receiver which incorporates a DTC Software Defined Radio, a high resolution scratch resistant daylight viewable video screen, a flexible antenna pair and a battery.

This is all housed in a compact rugged waterproof enclosure. The integral battery can provide power for >2 hours during continual operation. Batteries can be recharged using the charger supplied in the kit.

Demand for system flexibility has led to Mesh being the first choice for transferring video. A digital Mesh radio network allows encoded video, audio and data to be shared between several nodes simultaneously.

The reception of COFDM point to point type RF transmission is also supported as an option.

On screen diagnostics provides the viewer with vital information such as the RF status and battery levels on both sides of the link. 

GPS position of both the TM-RX and a GPS enabled transmitter are displayed together with a distance delta between the two.

A joystick, button and touch-screen interface with silent vibration feedback allows the user to control a wide range of device parameters and also control remote cameras.

Its external Fischer connectors support a direct Ethernet connection and an audio headset interface.

The screen is manufactured from Gorilla glass, making it scratch resistant and resilient to being dropped. The brightness of the screen is adjustable so as to allow viewing in differing daylight levels.

The internal 256GB solid state hard disk ensures video recordings and screen snapshots can be easily archived for future reference. 

Security of the link is ensured either through standard DES encryption or optional AES128 or AES256.

Screen Type High Definition Configuration On Screen Menus

Glass Type

Scratch Resistant

External Interface


RF Frequency

L-Band, S-Band, C-Band

GPS Positioning

TX to RX Delta

RF Type


Input Voltage

10 to 18V DC


Joystick, Buttons, Touch

Run Time

> 2 Hours

Video Decoding



-20 to +50ºC


Fischer Connector




DES, AES128, AES256


190 x 100 x 42mm

TM-RX Receiver

Dual Li-Ion Battery Charger

Li-Ion Battery Packs

COFDM Flexible Antennas

Configuration Cable

AC/DC Power Supply