ATM - Mini Auto Tracking

Automated Motion Tracking Device


  • Motion Detection & Tracking
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom Capability
  • No Moving Parts
  • Silent Operation
  • Lossless Digital Zoom
  • Automated Operation
  • Integrated Joystick Controller
  • Parameter Editing Through the OSD
  • Multiple Protocols Supported
  • Range of Lens Options
  • Sensitivity of <0.1 Lux
  • Low Power
  • Miniature Size

The ATM provides the functionality of a mechanical pan, tilt and zoom camera for close surveillance. This comes in the form of a tiny maintenance free unit, which has a silent operation.

Whilst the HD sensor monitors a wide field of view, the output is a standard definition windowed version of the video. Thereby offering a 3x lossless digital zoom.

The automatic motion tracking feature constantly monitors the entire field of view. Any movement detected at the camera sensor is output in the form of SD video. This allows the camera to be unattended whilst it effectively captures any movement in its field of view.

Since the output video feed is SD, the system only requires standard definition recording and transmission equipment to support it.

It features an integrated mini joystick controller, which enables the user to change a wide range of camera parameters through the on-screen display.

The camera is very thin and compact making it ideal for integrating into housings and locations where space is limited.

The ATM is supplied with a range of lenses and lens adaptors thus allowing users to select the lens that is most appropriate for a particular scenario.

All interface cables and power supplies are included in the kit.

Camera Sensor 3.1 Megapixel, CMOS Protocol PelcoD, PelcoP, Visca


<0.1 Lux

Baud Rate




Comms Mode

RS232, RS485





Focal Length

2.5mm Standard


Supplied Cable

Field of View

85º x 64º with 2.5mm lens




f2 with 2.5mm lens


30 x 28.5 x 8mm

ATM Camera

Interface Cable

Manis Power Supply

Fitted Lens M12 - 2.5mm pinhole

Spare Lens M12 - 2.1mm pinhole

Spare Lens M12 - 4.3mm pinhole

M12 Long Lens Adaptor

CS Mount Adaptor

C Mount Adaptor

Support Software and Documentation