PAL/NTSC to H.264 Encoder

Analogue Video & Audio to a H.264 IP Stream


  • PAL/NTSC Video Input
  • H.264 IP Stream Output
  • ONVIF Compliant
  • Integrated Microphone
  • WiFi Option
  • SD Card Recording Option
  • PoE Option
  • Integrated WiFi Access Point
  • Rugged Build
  • Low Power
  • Compact Size

A simple to use rugged in-line module that accepts PAL or NTSC video and outputs an ONVIF compliant dual H.264/MJPEG IP stream.

Together with the built-in microphone it provides a complete hardware solution to digitise SD video & audio and broadcast it as an encoded IP stream.

Customers can tailor their requirements to fit the application through recording, PoE and WiFi add-on options.

Video configuration, integrated trigger capabilities, WiFi and recording setup is all supported via a web page interface.

The recording option features secure micro-SD card storage. Access to the stored movie files can be either by physically removing the SD card, VE Camera Viewer software or an FTP transfer software tool.

With the inclusion of the WiFi option it allows the video stream to be viewed on any WiFi enabled device. WiFi Access Point and Station modes are supported.

Dependant on configuration, the unit can be powered either by the DC power supply included in the kit or Class 0 Power over Ethernet.

It is housed in a CNC machined aluminium case to produce a unit that is very rugged, reliable and suitable for professional use even in high vibration environments.

Input Video PAL or NTSC Optional WiFi 2.4GHz

Video Encoding

Dual H.264 and MJPEG


5 to 16V DC, 1.4W

Audio Encoder



-20º to +50ºC


Voice Silicon Omni

VMS Compliance


Max Bit Rate




Streaming Protocol

RTSP over TCP or UDP



Recording Storage

32GB, micro-SD card


20 x 25 x 55mm

PAL/NTSC H.264 Encoder

Cat5e RJ45 to Binder Cable

Encoder Breakout Cable

Passive PoE Cable Set

Foam Lined Carry Case

Mains to DC Power Supply with Adaptors

USB Memory Stick Including Supporting Documentation