Rapid Deployable Mesh Camera


  • Rapid Deployable
  • Mesh Video Transmission
  • Simple Quick Setup
  • HD Image Sensor
  • PTZ for SD Video
  • External Camera Inputs
  • LED Illumination
  • Internal Battery
  • IP67 Rated
  • Rugged Build

The DropCam-SDR is a Mesh enabled camera module which incorporates a DTC Software Defined Radio, a HD camera, a microphone, a flexible antenna pair and a battery.

The simple to use button interface allows the DropCam-SDR to be rapidly deployed.

Demand for system flexibility has led to Mesh being the first choice for transferring video. A digital Mesh radio network allows encoded video, audio and data to be shared between several nodes simultaneously.

COFDM point to point type RF transmission is also supported as a configurable option.

The video output is configurable as either HD or a standard definition windowed version of the video. SD video mode supports a solid state PTZ function by taking advantage of a 3x lossless digital zoom made possible by using the HD sensor as its source.

The DropCam-SDR also supports the option to externally connect IP cameras and HD-SDI cameras as its video source.

The transmitted video can be observed using the TM-RX portable video receiver partner product.

The DropCam-SDR can also be configured exclusively as a Mesh relay node. When coupled with high gain antennas it allows the connection of remote nodes that would otherwise be outside the network’s RF coverage. This mode of configuration optimises battery life by switching off the internal video encoder and camera module.

Input and output triggers are also supported which allow the control of auxiliary systems. It also incorporates four LEDs which can be either white light or infrared.

This is all housed in a very rugged CNC machined waterproof enclosure.

Security of the link is ensured either through standard DES encryption or optional AES128 or AES256.

Camera Sensor 3.1 MegaPixel Camera Inputs IP and HD-SDI

Camera H FOV


External Triggers

Input and Output

RF Frequency

L-Band, S-Band, C-Band

Cable Connection


RF Type

COFDM Mesh & PtoP


4 x White or IR

Pan Tilt Zoom

Supported in SD Mode

Run Time

3 Hours

Video Encoding

H.264 & MJPEG




Integral Microphone




DES, AES128, AES256


135 x 55 x 55mm


Flexible Antennas

Configuration Cables

Peli Case